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Post Questions and Answers! To Your Blog With This Easy To Use Plugin!

…Watch as your blog grows with highly targeted questions & answers for your niche… 100% Guaranteed!

Dear Blog Owner,

Content is King, you’ve read that before?

It’s true, content is what drives traffic and without visitors your site is completely DEAD. And if you’re trying to sell or promote products, guess what… you generate no sales!

Using content that is unique of course the best, but writing it yourself takes time. And that’s the biggest downside, zapping your time every day with new content, especially if you have multiple sites. Keeping a site fresh requires constant attention with new updates. Leaving it even a short preriod of time could have a bad effect, resulting in less traffic…

Starting Right Now We Can Solve That Problem!

If you use WordPress, today is your lucky day. Because you can access to my plugin that adds Yahoo Answers content to your blog on automatically. Simple activate and setup the keyword(s) based on your niche, and let the plugin do all the hard work!

WP answers! Not only retrieves content in the form of questions and creates new blog posts, it also grabs the answers and adds them to the post as comments. The content is highly targeted based on the keywords you setup.

The plugin posts and drip-feeds content either hourly or daily, it’s your choice for each keyword setup. Not only will it post the actual question in the form of a brand new blog post…

WP answers - posted question
It can also retrieves eith the “best answer” or ‘all answers’ and add them as comments…

WP answers - adding best answer
Here’s the very simple process of adding a keyword search term:

WP answers - adding a keyword
As shown above, it’s just 6 very simple options and the keyword is setup.

  1. Enter the keyword or phrase to search Yahoo answers content.
  2. Enter how often you would like to retrieve the content.
  3. Select best or all comments.
  4. Select one of your categories.
  5. Select a post author.
  6. Select if you want to publish, pending review, daft or private.

That’s it! 6 steps to start adding content and the plugin will retrieve a question straight away. Then after that, based on the time you setup (hourly or daily).

The other cool part to this plugin, you can humanize the posts, for example if you setup a keyword to post every 3 days, the humanize feature can post at random times, so it looks like a real person is updating your blog!

Now your probably thinking…

Can A Plugin Really Help My Blog?

The simple answer is absolutely. Regardless your niche, WP answers! will help your blog continue to be updated with fresh content today, tomorrow and for as long as Yahoo has new answers. Plus the content is also highly targeted, so what ever keywords or phrases you enter, providing there are questions being asked, you’ll get them posted on your blog around your other content. AND remember… setup the keyword one time, then it’s completely hands free.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s highly recommended you add other unique content, be that articles or videos. This plugin is NOT to be used purely on it’s own with no other content and replace articles completely. Think of it as a way to enhance your other content and to keep your blog updated every day. You still want to add articles each week, 1 or 2 (800-1500 words). Using this plugin, just means you’re not having to manually add new content every day.

WP answers! Branding…

The plugin has an element of branding in the form of a footer link, once the plugin is activated, it’s displayed at the bottom of the blog:

WP answers - branding

The branding is found on the Pro version. Only the Elite and Developer versions, have the branding removed.


Currently not for sale, due to Yahoo discontinuing the API.


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